Horizon BioAdvance offers biotechnology researchers a wide range of specialty consulting and supporting services, from envisioning a comprehensive path to the marketplace to protecting intellectual property.


Horizon BioAdvance works one-on-one with academic, commercial, foundation, and biotech companies to create comprehensive plans to launch medical advances to the market through basic research, discovery and development.


Horizon BioAdvance has myriad academic and commercial affiliations which offers researchers a deep pool of patients for clinical trials as well as vast network of connections toward commercialization that will help accelerate medical advances to the market.


Horizon BioAdvance is a leader in events and programs while also providing the opportunity for volunteers to give back to the community through research advocacy.


Horizon BioAdvance offers a comprehensive package of clinical and research support as we understand the importance of keeping up to date on the latest trends in research and medicine.


Horizon BioAdvance has the capability of implementing and managing robust research infrastructures to flawlessly execute clinical trials for a diverse group of industry organizations both nationally and internationally.


Horizon BioAdvance has the ability to set up a robust research infrastructure within any healthcare institution that creates seamless implementation of research processes and procedures.


Our research team of physicians and nurses at Horizon BioAdvance are ready to discuss the option of participating in a clinical trial and they offer the expertise that will guide patients and their physicians in the decision process.


Horizon BioAdvance brings an innovative approach that connects investigators and scientists with venture funds, capitalists and grants while managing that entire process from start to finish.