News: Horizon BioAdvance Global Expansion

Posted On 10/17/2013

Indiana Biomedical Research Company Expands Internationally

Lafayette, Indiana, USA - April 18, 2013 – Horizon BioAdvance, a leading Indiana biomedical research company, has expanded its operations to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Leading Horizon’s efforts within the region will be Nadine Haddad, PharmD, MBA, who is the new International Research Director covering Europe and the Middle East. “I am pleased to welcome Ms. Haddad to our team. With over 10 years of experience working with organizations like Eli Lilly, Hoosier Oncology Group and Pierre Fabre Oncology, as well as her previous experience working within this region, Ms. Haddad will bring valuable knowledge and experience to our team. Ms. Haddad’s mission will be to identify and develop partnerships and collaborations throughout the Middle East and Europe. We look forward to offering our novel research infrastructure and expertise to our partners in this part of the world,” said Horizon CEO, Dr. Wael Harb.

Horizon BioAdvance is a biomedical research company that offers safe, ethical, cutting-edge medical care and up-to-date technologies to our patients and volunteers. Horizon has a history of success in site management, translational research, and research consulting and collaboration. “Clinical research in the Middle East is poised for growth and we look forward to bringing breakthrough clinical trials to the region,” said Harb, who added, “We will use our industry-leading approach to establish an expanded network of new qualified partners in the Middle East.”

Additional information about Horizon BioAdvance, Dr. Harb, and Ms. Haddad can be found